The Vineyards | Viniculture

It is Harald and Matthias aim to retain the specific aromas of fruit in the wine. Then you can recognise the individual characteristics (terroir) of a particular vineyard.
Through selection in the autumn and the patience needed to wait till the grapes have reached their optimal state of maturity we succeed in producing the finest qualities that impress with their lightness and clarity.

Harlad and Matthias Rauen

When cultivating the wine, we combines traditional methods and centuries-old knowledge with the technology to be found in today´s modern equipment. A modern grape processing plant guarantees the grapes are pressed gently. White wines ferment at controlled temperatures in stainless steel tanks so that the aroma produced by natural yeast content is retained in the budding wine. After fermentation the young wines remain with the fine yeast till the spring and are then carefully filtered and bottled soon after.

After fourteen days of fermentation of the must, the red wines are pumped unfiltered into barrique barrels in order to achieve the wines optimal maturity.